The Ark Song

collage by Maia
collage by Maia

In the late 1980’s I recieved through the inner-planes the lyrics to a song…well, it is really a riddle. To this day, I do not understand the deeper meaning of it all.  I felt guided this last week, to create an activational video with it.  The original title is “Temples of the Sun, Rivers of the Moon.” When I received it those years ago, I had no idea how important a role the “Ark” or “Sacred An” would play in my life…and in the current 21st century Earth grid dynamic.

As I was nearing what I thought was completion of the video, Thoth gave me another verse! So this is included exclusively in the video, which is now in my Kyi’Ra Portal for unlimited viewing/download by members. For Vimeo url and password, CLICK HERE.

Not a member? More info & join!

Anyone may read the song-riddle on my Spirit Mythos website (minus the most recent last verse).

What do the words mean to you? Those with access to the video. Thoth infused it so that by watching The Ark Song repeatedly you may have a more potent experience with it, than just reading the riddle.

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