Custom Work


VIDEO: “Oh Maia I am crying so much it took me three times watching it before I could see through the tears … TEARS of JOY it is really beautiful and your beautiful vibes in it have an activation of something sacred. I am so grateful to have you to do this.” – ISISTRA 

CUSTOM ART: Oh Maia! This is so beautiful! I love love, love, love it! It will be on my business card and a larger print for my table, and I think I will place it somewhere on my wall where I can see and feel it everyday! I just love it! Thank you so much!  – Meryl 

Shift the Vibration of your whole website and grow your heart based business beyond its current capacity.

Align fully with the cosmic law of attraction to draw your ideal clients to you! Use my channeled digital branding system ™ to create a cohesive branding package across all your digital channels that make you feel authentic and confident.

Do you wish to work with an expert energetic digital artist? One that has divine credentials? Someone that is fast, reliable, and just channels in exactly how you want to show up in the world!

I can bring to you an  invigorating fresh perspectives on “how to vibrationally align ALL of your digital media, with the heart & source of all you do!”


Digital art created especially for you or your spiritual venue – High resolution suitable for large prints as well as internet display.

>> Creative, stunning video slideshows of your art or other spirit / health products

>> Promotion videos for You Tube of your offerings – done as a visual treatise, not a blatant ad

>> Your Story – your life expression in photographs, text and video (put together as a video and place for you on You Tube…set for private or public)

>> Non-traditional, spiritually conscious videos of your Wedding, Children or other themes dear to your heart.

SPIRIT PORTRAIT: My “Spirit Portraits” are channeled expressions of the individual’s true inner-beauty. They contain colors, symbols, totems…whatever comes forth as a strong streaming cosmic-earth energy in that person’s aura and energy fields that wished to be expressed at the time. TIP: The better the pose and image resolution, the better the Spirit Portrait.

MY CUSTOM PACKAGE: You have something to offer on the internet…a service…a presentation. You would like to really get it polished like a gem and presented as the spiritual treasure it IS. I can help you refine that presentation with a Skype session, and supply the activational art, logos, banner and short video for You Tube that really gets your message across. Not a “sales pitch” but a “Heart Speak.”







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