My Book

on the mystical and spiritual life of Elvis Presley

Blue Star Love is one of the most amazing books you’ll ever read, and it’s not just about Elvis Presley. Author Maia Nartoomid provides astonishing documents as evidence as her foundation plus the insights she facilitates about higher consciousness, planetary & galactic history weaves together an eye-opening, page-turning read!

Maia has performed an extraordinary service to the Elvis Presley legacy by compiling all these true stories & authenticated documents. Now others can truly understand why Elvis so touched their hearts! I discovered the Elvis Presley channel on Sirius Radio earlier this year & then I ‘just so happened’ to watch a special on Elvis before reading this book, so Spirit had already prepped me to be an Elvis admirer–something that I had sadly missed out on when younger. Blue Star Love is my true initiation into Elvis.

Maia’s prose in Blue Star Love is poetic and lyrical. She is definitely on the Elvis frequency! – Kuanyin Moi

to read excerpts from and order Blue Star Love

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