Merkabah Logos


When I do my sessions with people, or indeed any of my spiritual work, it comes from the merkabah of my spiritual soul family. This of course is true for anyone, as each soul nests within merkabahs of Light families. I will create  an individual’s “Merkabah Logos” based on my akashic insight. This personal logo will radiate the essence of their incarnation and planetary service.



Thank you so much for my Merkabah Logos. You know I was really surprised at what it came out to be. You think you know what it should but then the end results just blows you away. You hit the nail right on the head on this. I am so excited about having this and will treasure it always. I guess the biggest shock were the colors. Anyone that reads or picks up on my energy always feel the colors gold, purple &  fuscia. Again, I’m so happy with my logo and enjoy your beautiful and wonderful website. Much love & light, Denise

Maia, Thank you so much!!!  I LOVE my Merkabah Logos!  I opened it up and it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.  It’s beautiful!  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.  I look forward to the continuation of my expression into the world and this art will help me achieve my goals. Many Blessings, Dani

The essentiality and purity of the Merkabah Logos you designed for me struck so much a harmonic in the center of me, that I KNEW, I UNDERSTOOD.  No doubt was left about WHO I WAS and WHO I WAS NOT -when transcending any Individuality’s Field of Conscience.

Your key notes illustrate to the perfection of detail what I had experienced before in my life, yet -somehow- it attains some consistence that was missing formerly. – Amanda de Roca, Spain

Maia, THEY’RE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
My soul is pounding in my chest, waves of electromagnetic energy are rushing over my body. It incorporates everything perfectly!! I was previously very drawn to the red Templar cross and was considering using it along with a Celtic pattern in work that I’m doing. I have been using gold chocolate coins in my work as well….Waves of energy continue to ripple through my body as I look at the logo. I’m speechless. – Tim

Thank you for this wonderful experience thru your art!  The colors are all ones I wear and always gravitate to.  I wear opals all the time and that is present also.  It is so wonderful it brought tears to my eyes and brings up a strong resonance within. – Namaste, Karen

The logo very much resonates in every cell of my being. – Rachelle

(her “dragonfly” Logos) Yes, it is perfect. I have a large dragonfly tattooed on my back, I travel to distant ponds bringing larvae from other areas to my own backyard pond. I am building my “bridge” and working on new beginnings and ever so much agreeing with your insights. I am awed and touched.  Namaste, Jody


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