9th Star Teachership Program


I am really Light-filled about becoming one of the four teachers in the 9TH STAR TEACHERSHIP six months Program. Here is what the architect of the 9Tth Star Teachership – Katrina Armstrong,  has to say about it:

This offering is extremely potent and works with the 9th World (Katrina refers here to my – Maia’s – information on this) We just recently grounded the energy for the 9th dimension on the planet and this offering provides the opportunity to embody the potential that is now available for us.

There are currently 4 teachers in this space including myself.

One is a true sage that has over 50 years worth of teaching through Thoth. She is bringing in so much that allows us to gain understanding of what it is that is occurring and the words that go with it. Plus so much more to support with the true embodiment of your master teacher. Her name is Maia Nartoomid of the New Earth Star Inner Academy. Here is her website: New Earth Star Inner Academy. The membership includes access to the 50 years of teachings that she has put together in incredibly activational videos and material. She is incredible with graphics.

One is a multi-dimenisonal shaman, healer, seer, and channel for the galactic, masters, and angels. He has over 20 years in teaching and training. He will be bringing in soul retrieval on a level that is incredibly supportive for the mission of embodying our master teacher. His name is Matthew Bueno, you can find his work here: Soul Body Harmonics .

One is a multi-dimensional mind, body, soul healer and mentor. Ondrea Lynn is bringing in the new geometries of the physical body and the greater understanding of how to use the new bodies.

Katrina Armstrong a multi-dimensional seer, gate/matrix keeper, healer, and visionary Leader. She  will be bringing in how to master your matrix and how to create in this new energy as the embodiment of your master teacher.


Orientation for this program happens Monday, August 12th at 1:00 PM PST so you can meet the teachers. ZOOM LINK TO CONFERENCE CALL

If this is something that is calling you I would be honored to have you in the space and would need to know soon. We can also work out payment plans as well.

In Service For the Divine Plan, Katrina Armstrong


I, Maia, would also like to invite those who feel called, to join us on this free zoom today. I see the 9th Star Teachership program (and speaking for myself, my role in it) as helping individuals to move into a field of energy that is self-generating and sustaining, and allows one to become the true author of their spiritual journey in a way that both informs and enlightens others. We all wish to step up and become a viable vessel to aid humanity and the planet in these transformative times. What I personally intuit I am moving forward to accomplish with those who are gathering at the font of the 9th Star at this time, was prophesied to me by my inner-planes sources at the age of 24. Now these many years later, I feel ready to step into the Sacred Circle with this offering. It is taking what I give in my Kyi’Ra Portal and moving it into the 9th Octave.

Thoth (through me) suggested to Katrina the name “9Th STAR TEACHERSHIP.” It identifies with the 9th Gate of the Star – within the 11-Gate Pyramid Initiation, as well as the potential of interface with the “9th World.”

Here is an excerpt from my “9th World” material, orginally published in 1996:


The Ninth World (Temple Doors 3-96)

Thoth / Tehuti speaks to us of a divine object housed within the etheric counterpart of the Great Pyramid (the Temple of the Lion) which he calls ‘Temple of the Morning Star’.

Thoth / Tehuti: “Within the Temple of the Morning Star, anchored into the Temple of the Lion, is a cube of transmuted gold known as the Adonai Kodesh, among other names. This cube is hollow, containing within it a sphere made of crystal sophra, which is a very pure form of crystallized white powdered Prima Matra (this is not glass). The sphere is somewhat the color of golden topaz. While the surface has been highly polished, the interior of the crystal shelters many natural points that project inward to a hollow center. This center is the Selah, or still‑point for the Adonai Kodesh. The cube‑sphere is most sacred and was transported to this world from Orion 109 million years ago. In the Temple of the Morning Star it is positioned directly within a ‘blue hole’. A blue hole differs from a black hole in that the former is responsive to sentient consciousness control and the latter is not. Nor is it a blue needle, which is a funnel for Light transport within molecular structure. Blue holes are instead whole fields of transfer which align to specific space‑time vectors.

“The Adonai Kodesh is a source translator in that it translates Master Intelligence programs and then encodes them into what we will call here ‘continuum bars’ of Light. The continuum bars are frequency‑codes which define and transport packages of sacred language from one matter‑source to another. Much of the purpose and function of the Adonai Kodesh is beyond the mental grasp of 2nd Millennium thought, so we will not attempt to go into too much detail in regard to it. It is only necessary at this time that you comprehend the following: The Adonai Kodesh is a ‘Ze’on’<$F ‘The Keys of Enoch’ defines Ze’on as: “Thought‑particles needed to expand, contract and do omnidirectional work with the Higher Evolution. A quanta of Light particles responsible for the basic control of combined magnetic and electrostatic fields, etc., necessary for the exchange of paradigms controlling physical‑spiritual fusion.”> chamber even more essential to the transformation of the world than is the Ark of Grace. It was created by Master Intelligences assisted by the Seraphim 20,000,000,000 years in your past (applying your linear count) and brought to Earth 109 million years ago.

“One of the focuses of this devise is to cause a 2nd Millennium<$F Within the framework of Thoth / Tehuti’s ‘creational history’, Millennium is meant to define a segment of reality, rather than a specific number of years. The 2nd Millennium is our current fractured reality.> human being to spawn a separate Light form (separate from their natural Light body) which is a ‘Ze’<$F ‘The Keys of Enoch’ defines Ze as: “Light polarization which can mediate between the body of consciousness and its divine double. A divine Light projection which triggers bio‑coupling in the physical manifestation of Ze.”> that we call a ‘Zeta body’. The Zeta body is not in direct Spirit‑to‑Matter alignment with the 2nd Millennium incarnated form, but is rather a ‘double’ of 1st / 3rd Millennium (past and future realities) wave‑creation.

Wave‑creation is a path that is created when two similar yet separate realities have occasion to ‘touch’, or more appropriately to know one another. This forms a wave bending back on itself from both directions, meaning that it is bent by both realms of sentient consciousness. In this way, a dipole of an ‘event’ is created. A Zeta body then, acts as an extension of the wave‑creation, in this instance between the 1st and the 3rd Millennium. Somewhat like a time traveler, it can carry Light codes through the portal between the three realities, bringing a stronger coupling to the building charge of their shared wave‑creation.

“Usually, a Zeta body arising from a 2nd Millennium incarnated form can only be sustained for a small period of linear time. In most cases, the consciousness of the individual is not even aware that such an activation has taken place, although he / she will certainly experience some ‘sensation’ of the event. Their Higher Self has in effect agreed to act as a transducer for this experience. Such occurrences happening fore the individual

unconsciously are rare, but it is even rarer, particularly within the last 5 centuries, when an individual embodied within the 2nd Millennium is consciously informed of the process. Yet this will come to pass with greater frequency as the world moves toward its appointment with the 3 Millennium ascended reality (the New Earth Star).”

He explains the process involved whereby the Adonai Kodesh would ‘cause’ a current human to create a Zeta body:

Thoth / Tehuti: “The command for this causation would come from that soul’s 1st / 3rd Millennium beingnesss, thereby circumventing the fractured sub‑system. However, the 2nd Millennium experiential role must outpicture a portion of the dynamic, for in doing so it projects itself into the true reality on some level of its multiple existence within the fallen condition. Understand that the 2nd Millennium experience is entirely the result of 1st Millennium consciousness attempting to bridge the gap into the 3rd Millennium.”

The Adonai Kodesh works as a translator for endogenetic exchange between the evolved specie of Man and cetacean.

Thoth / Tehuti: “All cetaceans, but most especially the dolphins and Orca whales, integrate their life‑wave with the Sephirothic template. They hold open the scroll between the human and devic domains for the perpetuation of the Sephirothic template throughout the spectrum of the planetary life‑wave. Since the separation of the two kingdoms at the end of the Hyperborean epoch, without the cetacean link the deva kingdom would have ‘withered’, for it would not have had the hologramic codes necessary for the streaming of the angelic realms into it. Through the Sephirothic template via the cetaceans, the devic kingdom is sustained. Even though the High Sidhe are angelic‑devic beings, they cannot embed that integration into the Earth since the end of the Hyperborean epoch, without the aid of the hologramic brains and souli‑service of the cetaceans.

“Conversely, the cetaceans are futurized forms of human evolution. Understand that they are not the only form humanity will assume in the future, but they contain components of one of these futurized geometries. The dolphins and Orcas mirror the most evolved path this particular sacred patterning will take.

“The Adonai Kodesh leads common intelligence within the cellular experience to nest within an envelope of inter‑species mind.”

Now he explains the connection between the Adonai Kodesh and the Adam Kadmon.

Thoth / Tehuti: “The most ancient appropriate spelling of ‘Kodesh’ would be ‘Kadesh.’ Thus, ‘Adonai Kadesh’ and ‘Adam Kadmon’ both contain ‘ad‑ka’ in their first two letters of each word. This is significant, as the ad‑ka in the angelic fire language when translated into human vocables is the stimulus for the proto‑synaptic charge in the human element, a charge which is necessary in the restoration of the Adam Kadmon.

“The Adonai Kodesh is the resonant alchemical formula (created as an integrative template) of the Adam Kadmon. The mantra to awaken the ad‑ka within the human body and thus to tap into the Adam Kadmon through the Adonai Kodesh is ad on ai ka de sh hai. There is a procedure accompanying the chanting of these syllables that would create a true ‘Right of Passage’, but do not wish to divulge that at this time. Nevertheless, simply chanting this mantra over and over while centering the sound in the heart and the third eye accompanied by the correct spiritual intent, would aid in transforming certain amino acids necessary for the quickening of the ad‑ka.”

The guardians of the Adonai Kodesh see it as an entrance or gateway to the ‘Ninth World’, which is the world of All‑Being ‑ what Thoth / Tehuti calls the Attasic Universe. This is a universe beyond duality and polarity. Nine is the sacred number of the alchemical threshold beyond cause and effect, and as such is a magical call to Grace.



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