The Incala Chants

I recorded the Incala Chants over 40 years ago. I was acting as a merkabah for akashic receipt in what is said and chanted on this recording. It was not professionally mastered, being recorded on a simple cassette recorder of the 1970’s. However, it contains highly encoded frequencies from the Incala Temple to be received by the listener of multiple levels. Actually in the static itself are the more subliminal codes….just as science is now finding “static” to contain other world voices and sounds in what is called “EVPs” or “electronic voice phenomena.” Due to the condition of this recording, in order to understand the spoken part, headphones are highly recommended.

Due to the poor quality of the chant tape, I have released it to my Kyi’Ra Portal members only, as I feel they will understand and utilize the value of it…including the static! I have no plans at this time to place The Temple Chant of the Incala into my new and upcoming Volusion store.

I created a whole series of these tapes, drawing upon numerous different ancient cultures. This is the only one thus far, I have managed to get into electronic format. If anyone is interested in putting the other into electronic format for me (has the equipment, skill and willingness to donate this service) please CONTACT ME.

More about these tapes…

With the Native American chant tape, I had an amazing experience recording it. The drumming of a stick sound on wood was imprinted from the ethers (quite loudly) followed by a fainter male voice declaring “I AM A HURON. THE (wood not intelligible) YOU HAVE BELONGS TO ME NOW. UNTIL FULL MOON, I HAVE SPOKEN.” What “he” was referring to was an eagle feather fan that had been given to me and I was holding while chanting. You CAN understand these words if you are using headphones to listen to it. So on the full moon I had two young men take a canoe ride out onto a lake and place the fan wrapped in deerskin, on the surface of the water, where it slowly sank into the deep.

Afterward, I continued the chanting. This time on the recording, drum beats can be heard…eerily like a distance echo. Then the same male voice” “I AM A HURON!” That was all. I heard no more from him again. I like to think that this was is way of approving my my gesture of return.

This precious Native American tape is with the rest in a box, slowly dissolving with time.

Two art images from The Incala Chants video in my 500pixs gallery/store:

The Summoning / The New Dawn


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