Personal Ark of AN Light Name & Activational Template

In the Mid 1990’s I received the Alphabet of the Ark information from my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa. In the early 21st century I created the templates and began to offer the Personal Ark Names with the template. Since my return to the crown chakra of the Ascension Temple (Grid-Matrix) here in Crestone, Colorado, a new dimension of Light Language is pouring through the Portal here…through the Sacred AN itself, within its Thresholding Chamber in the Crest In The Stone (Mt. Challenger). I have thus been prompted by Thoth to upgrade my offering, to create a new template and naming process for the personal Ark of An Light Name & Activational Template. The following video gives you further information and insight on this creation.

Material referenced in video:

Alphabet of the Ark


In late 1997 Simeon Nartoomid and I, facilitated a Sacred Journey to Egypt. Thoth had given all of us in the group our Ark Names. One of the group members who was skilled in jewelry-making, put together necklaces for us into which a tiny rolled up piece of paper with the individual’s Ark Name was sealed inside it. We each wore our Ark necklaces during the trip.

When we went into ceremony inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid from 11PM to 3AM very close to the full moon by special permission, each of us took a turn lying in the sarcophagus while chanting our Ark Name twelve times. After the individual finished and while they were still lying there, the entire group chanted Soma Christou (Body of Christ) three times together as a responsorial. Each person felt such an incredible spiritual charge from this entire experience, many had to be helped up and out of the box – in a daze.

It took us three hours to complete the entire process with all of our group (18 people). During that initiation many of us heard the sound of chanting coming from the beings celebrating with us on the other side of the veil. There was NO ONE ELSE in the pyramid and only guards outside and ALL equipment in the pyramid was turned OFF at our request and verified to have been off by our tour guide. It was very distinct and beautiful chanting and singing almost like angelic choirs. Our Egyptian guide who also heard the chanting became disturbed by this and ran out of the pyramid to stand way over by the bus until we exited the pyramid! He later told us he had been in the pyramid with many different spiritual groups but had never heard any such thing and it had frightened him because he did not understand what it was until I explained it to him.



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