Ark Name Template

What is your Personal Ark Name?  It is five specific “vocables” and their corresponding symbols from the Alphabet of the Ark (of Grace) archangelic language that have been selected by Thoth for you and which contain vibrational patterning specific to your soul’s pathing into the Metatronic-Christic spiral of consciousness. Here is a bit of what Thoth has to say about the Alphabet of the Ark:

Thoth: … It is a specific Archangelic frequency pattern, with 24 main vibratory pathways, that aligns corporeal realms with the full-Light (Metatronic-Christic) spiral in a specific path of viability relative to the core essence of Metatronic consciousness… and this particular vibrational path of assimilation (the Alphabet of the Ark) was chosen by the Hierarchy for Metatronic consciousness to be returned to humanity.

The Alphabet of the Ark is encoded in ‘Alpha-Logic,’ versus other fire codes which are encoded in ‘Omega-Logic.’ Alpha Logic is a pattern that interfaces with the evolution of human logical mind processes, and can therefore be presented in correlative human language forms whereas the Omega Logic interfaces only with Higher Mind principles incorporated in the soul and cannot be associated with any corollaries in human language expression.

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Seraphi Profile

Your Seraphi Personal Profile will be determined by Maia through her Source Translations from Thoth. It will be placed on the Seraphi Personal Profile Template (shown above without path numbers) and sent to you in a PDF file (5 pages), which will also contain information on the Pymander Seraphi Personal Profile Program in general as well as your personal “Path Sequences.”

Your Personal Seraphi Profile will include four Personal Seraphi Path Sequences as follows: Venus Path (Earth Guardian) / Earth Atoma Path (Holy of Holies) / Solar Path (Living Angelic Light’s Home) / Galactic Center Path (Holographic Galactic Genesis Field). These will be expressed on the above shown Seraphi Programs radionics template like this example demonstrates: 4529.7639.8884.4444.

You will also receive a bit of information on each of these Seraphi Paths, what it means, and information on how to best work with them.

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