General Comments

my first attempts?

Comments in general concerning my mystical work.

You have an absolutely brilliant website (Spirit Mythos). So inspiring, artistically, spiritually, oh so many ways…Excellent site, and I’ve only just started to explore. Thank you so much for sharing your life. For those of us who have struggled with vague and fuzzy dreams and who are now becoming clearer in purpose, we look to those who are ahead of us, with more experience, to inspire and guide. So thank you for being one of those brave and strong enough to shine your light so brightly. – Stephanie Brent

I have no idea about how many people go to your webs, yet I’m sure that any number it might be, it will have a multiplicating effect to many more, if they have the same urgency than I have to pass notice to others about what your web SM is. If we would play the old game and somebody would have to tell which musical instrument I was, certainly I am a trumpet right now… proclaiming the good news…Amanda De Roca, Spain

(Solar and Lunar Mysteries) I write you to know that the articles you are writing about the Lunar and Solar Mysteries are meant to come at this time. I have read with great interest the article on the Wyse Wymen. As I read this I began to cry as somehow your words were touching a place in my heart that was hidden from me and that I had forgotten…Your work is very empowering and fulfilling and opens up many doors and windows for me. You so willingly share with us all the insights that open up to you and for that I am truly thankful. – Faith Starlight Michael

I love your site, your story, and deeply appreciate you sharing this information you have with the rest of us. It certainly means a lot to me. – Caroline

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