Osiris Arising Oracle in Spirit Store Now!

My process creating this Oracle was quite different for me than my spirit creations of the past, in that it so specifically involved working for many hours in the virtual world to achieve it. I have for some time, used the virtual Second Life platform for models and scenery which I incorporate into my art, but with the Oracle project it is taking on a much higher level of energy, time and focus. Through this focus comes to me a deeper understanding of what it means to form visual images that then take on a life of their own… through the energy field of both the creator and those who view and interact with these images.

The images of the beings on these “cards” are not intended to be how they may have appeared in a particular lifetime. Yes, there is some similarity with a few of them – but the entire depictions are incorporating the energy of these souls through a multitude of physical expressions in their sojourning on Earth, and as they exemplify the archetypes they embody. So as I do this…put them together…I am finding all the pieces of myself coming together, as one energy work is really not that separate from another, if it is on the same vibrational level.


Kyi’Ra Portal Members can access the Booklet & Cards for FREE.

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