New Video! Dwellers of the O’SIR’RIM 1


Activation on Equinox of 2015

My visionary journey into the Dweller O’SIR’RIM Matrix on the Solstice of March 20th, 2015. Follow with me through this experience. If the Dwellers are summoning you – codes will be triggered within your DNA as you are called to the “Crystal Wall” of the Dwellers chamber within Mount Kailash.
16:44 seconds in length.

This video is available to Kyi”Ra Portal members – CLICK HERE to view and download.

Non-members may purchase viewing/downloading for $25 USD. by using this Special Payment link. Please state in the info box of the form, the name of the video: Dwellers of the O’SIR’RIM 1. When I receive your order I will send you the url and password to the video.

Not a member of of the Kyi’Ra Portal?


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