Goddess Among Us ~ The Priestesses of MU

MU'Neesa Priestess
MU’Neesa Priestess

My NEW Video! Second in the Goddess Among Us series. Exclusive for Kyi’Ra Portal Members you can CLICK HERE for url and password.

This video took me longer than most I have made, even though it is 12:34 minutes in length. I felt a very personal connection to these particular Priestesses of MU, whom Thoth tells me were from the lineage of Ari’Ana, the first Nature Deva to become “human.”  The activation given to viewers of the video is especially powerful in my opinion. The BEE experience nearly pulls me into another dimension every time I watch it!

There is also a special art work I did for the video, which Kyi’Ra Portal members can download in 3000 pixs resolution from the video page (link above). All can view it here.

While making the video, I had a brief vision of a woman’s hand tossing maybe 20 or 30 tiny golden crafted bees on a marble floor. They were hollow, and made a marvelous bell-like sound as the hit the floor.

I wish to thank my SiStars in Second Life for participating in some of the still shots. Their energy present was very inspirational for me in “remembering” and receiving.


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14 thoughts on “Goddess Among Us ~ The Priestesses of MU

  1. I just watched the video. I must say the music you choose combined with the images was hypnotic, that’s the only way I can describe it. I saw myself in a primordial, lonely sea, and I was really scared at the beginning, but then I somehow understood it was home. At some point in your video, the Mazur lineage came to my mind, Are they somehow related to the Ari’aurana line? I understand they’re also a Grail lineage, but I’m not sure if they’re the same.

  2. Beautiful Maia! I have been having visions of a sacred Scarab and the Bee imagery reminds me of the scarab I have been seeing. I wonder if they are in any way related. Gorgeous video!

  3. Hi there precious Maia, just viewed your amazing video, certainly felt throughout a wonderful energetic attunement taking place throughout my being. It almost brought tears to my eyes watching the video, I do not know if it is recognition from days gone by or something I remember subconsciously perhaps from my time as Issa’La of Lemuria or perhaps my precious Mermaid self Hannah who hails from Venus, or perhaps both remember these times you speak of. I loved the photos of the crystals, this is the work of a precious Brother called Jan Custers of Holland, a spiritual photographer for quite a number of years, his book Blue Crystal world he mentions me as I had then sent him quite a few of the crystals photographed in the book, one can see more of his pictures here http://crystalrealms.blogspot.co.il/ Celia Fenn of South Africa also old friends with him often utilizes his photos, she channels most precious Lord AA Michael. Loved it, thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  4. Enjoyed and appreciated so much this beautiful and amazing activation video… Felt just home… Thank you so much! I loved the bee mandala you created there. I once had a dream that bees made a bee hive on top of my head. I went to a doctor and he told me that they built it because my blood was so sweet 🙂 So looking forward to seeing you soon on Kauai!

  5. In my Priestesses of MU video is mentioned that the Ari’Aurana’s Children mixed with beings from Sirius who lived under the sea and also the Mers. Today I find an article in MessageToEagle.com that states:

    “Fishes were sacred to the early Greeks and Romans. In the Greek mythology we can read about certain amphibious beings called ‘The Old Men of the Sea’.

    “They are indeed very fascinating. It is said that these fish-tailed beings with human bodies, were incredibly wise. They could prophesy forthcoming events, although they were always unwilling to reveal the secrets of the future. Characteristic for these fish-men was their ability to change their shape into something else, like a lion, an eagle or a serpent. They talked like humans, but they were not of human origin… They were extraterrestrials…”

    Read more: http://www.messagetoeagle.com/shapeshiftinggreece.php#ixzz3IxcMN0c0

  6. ahola Maia and all,
    a bit late, as usual :-), but I made the same connection as dawnella: I immediately thought at the scarab earrings I got a long time ago as a present , I’ll send the pic in a mail to you, Maia, I do not have an idea how I can put it in here….
    and you know what ? In Flemish we call it “scarabee” !

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