The Dogon Transmissions


Tribelight Station

There are many paths opening up now from the “Higher Realms” to aid the Earth, humanity, and all life on this planet. Humans tend to assume that everyone else in the universe thinks like they do…maybe more or less advanced in technology or in spirituality…or both – but all moving in the same lanes, just at varying speeds. This is far from the truth. Even our “Kindred” as they call themselves – those other world being who are spiritually advanced genetic relatives – see and do things differently that we do. For them, it is due to a more expanded vision. When the inner landscape is vaster, the texture is richer and the colors more vivid…then the picture changes. Our Kindred love us beyond the meaning we give to “love.” Those of us who see ourselves (’cause we really work at it)  more spiritually awakened than the masses, think mebbe we

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