Inner Earth Journeys

L. George Lawrence with one of his inventions - creator of the first laser engine.
L. George Lawrence with one of his inventions – creator of the first laser engine.


In 1980 I was guided to begin a publication called “THE SOURCE.” It was in the hard copy only days. So I took my issues to a copy shop, ran them and stapled and mailed to my subscribers…Stone Age!

I have these old issues of both The Source and the later Temple Doors in my SPIRIT STORE. Soon, however I will be closing this store and opening one on VOLUTION. But I have no immediate plans to put all those issues (1980-1998) into the new store.  They are going into my Kyi’Ra Portal, free downloading to the subscribers of the Portal. I just began this process by uploading to the Portal all four issues of 1980 The Source.

The first few years of THE SOURCE I concentrated mostly on the Inner Earth. I was 31 years old then and my focus on this topic was largely guided by my inner projected journeys into that Realm. I realize now, that the “Inner Earth” is even a deeper dimensional Realm that I understood it at the time. However, what I was seeing, experiencing and tapping from the Akasha about it, was fascinating.


Explanatory information as to the geophysical reality of the naturally hollow Earth. Describes its spiritualized, physical inhabitants with whom we, of the surface domain, share a kindred heritage. The spiritual-religious cultures of the Central Earth Races are revealed, as well as their symbols, crafts and way of life. This special issue acts as the Foundation Stone for entrance into the Mysteries of THE SOURCE.

ISSUE 80-02: Earth archetypes Isis, Serapis, Orhpeus & Hermes are profiled. The corresponding major (inner) Earth chakras to the human body chakras. Information on the Serapis helix, the spiritualized kundalini and the technique of cleansing and balancing the physical system through attuning this dual spiral to the Earth-counterpart helix. A description is presented of the Order of the Waking Grace – a cloister of Subterranea originated from King Arthur’s Court.

ISSUE 80-03: Information on the Four Corners area of the United States – its geo-cosmic identity, the role of this region in American Indian spiritual prophesy, its Central Earth connection and symbology as a link to human illumination in the New Age. Also presented is a description of the TAU Conference held within the Culture-Rama beneath the Grand Canyon, by representatives from the twelve Central Earth Tribes.

ISSUE 80-04: The geo-cosmic function of the Earth’s central sun in its exchange of energies with the outer, solar sun, is detailed. The concert of heart rhythms between the inner sun heart and the heart of man is revealed. The Christ Flame within the “Sacred Heart” of the central sun and its spiritual evolution in the planet. The Christ Jesus’ descent into the interior domain after His crucifixion. Temple of the Twining and the Rosari within the spiritual culture of the subterranean world. The Mesa Verde Plateau in Colorado and its dolomenic effect.




I had an interesting experience in the mid-1970’s. At that time, I was very attuned to the Inner Earth Domain, and often taken on visionary experiences there…some of the astral, but most deep inner visions. I was also in communication with L. George Lawrence, inventor of the world’s first laser engine, among other things. He had invited me to be on his team in an institute he was founding. I am a “high school drop-out” but this didn’t concern him. He understood perfectly well why I ceased the path of false indoctrination and chose self-education and inner-planes mentor tutoring instead….and had a mother who supported me in this!

My mother and I arranged to have a few hours in person with Dr. Lawrence when we were in Las Vegas for some Elvis shows. It was quite interesting! He demonstrated a machine he had invented that allowed plants to talk to us…wow! Now they have these kinds of machines, but his was the first…operating with sound.

This was all during the time of my trips into the Inner Earth. I shared some about this with George. A few months after our Las Vegas visit with him, I had a journey into the Inner Earth in which I was asked to bathe in a green liquid to cleanse me for where they were taking me. I questioned this, since I was not there in body, but they said that that my energy field was, and this needed to be cleansed. I had not had a chance to share this with Dr. Lawrence (no email). A few weeks later, he called me quite excited, to say that he had been having visionary or astral journeys into the Interior of the planet, and this last one, he was asked to bathe in a green liquid! Again, he did not know of my green liquid experience. He also told me that he very much wanted to go into the Inner Earth physically.

I never heard from him again. Dr. Bird, his friend…never heard from him…at least not during the period of time I was in touch with Dr. Bird. Dr. Bird said he simply could not locate him. I just now googled L. George Lawrence. Everything I could find on him ends in the 1970’s.  Some of the articles are dated a few years after the time I lost contact with him, but the actual article may have been written previous to the time it was printed in that particular journal or magazine. Now, maybe he is living somewhere in Ohio or Tahiti and just wanted to ditch me and Dr. Bird lol. But it IS a mystery!

Here are the things of interest I could find by googling L. George Lawrence…


A note about Dr. Bird. I cannot even remember his first name, but he was a protege of Einstein. He was elderly, so most likely deceased now.  He contacted me through Dr. Lawrence, as he was most interested in some of the science writings I had done, which I had shared with George Lawrence. It had to do with quantum theory as I recall. I knew nothing about “quantum physics” then…if there was such a scientific label at that time.

Some years previous, when my mother and I lived in San Antonio, Texas, I was invited to meet another protege of Einstein…I can’t remember his name at all, but he was very old and a German. I met with him in his home. Upon leaving, I remember he patted me (I was about 23 at the time) and said that I was “van smart coookie!”

So even in those “Olden Days” there were scientists of renown who would listen and respond favorably to “channeled” meta-science.

Then of course, there were my sessions with Edgar Mitchell right after he returned from the Moon…that is another story!

To return to the Inner Earth, these scientists I spoke with were not shunning such a concept at all. Maybe ‘ol George is IN there and as young as he was when I saw him last lol.


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