Journey to Shambahala

Shambahala Medallion by Maia – large image downloadable from Kyi’Ra Portal

Journey to Shambahala ~ New Earth Portals

In my article The Ancient Tepuis I talk about the inter-dimensional portals on the planet. Now, as the Earth is ever-more embraced in the New Earth Hologram, these Portals are connecting to what my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa calls the Shambahala (or Shamballah) Gate. This is the “entry point” to Numis OM – the first state reality of the New Earth.

My 16:17 video – Journey to Shambahala – I created with a balance of music and imaging designed to open the “Golden City” Center  in the brain (ie, the Shambahala Gate in the body). This “opening” maybe be only a glimpse of things to come, but it allows the individual (if indeed they are receptive) to feel, to experience a vibrant aspect of the power and potential of the “New Earth” within them. It is intended to inter-face the natural world inter-dimensionality with the human, inter-dimensional being.

While watching this video (hopefully more than once) allow yourself extend your senses inside what you are seeing…into the living energy of these places, and the dynamic flow they command.

In order to watch/download this video you must be a member of the Kyi’Ra Portal.

Members go here for the link and password to the video.

2 thoughts on “Journey to Shambahala

  1. Lovely Maia, I got some big shivers, kundalini shakes I guess you call them when I went over those Angel Falls, amazing! Great video, thank you x

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