The Oracle of Doors

FINALLY! I am now able to upload to my own Kyi’Ra Portal directly. I also have completed and uploaded to the Members section, THE ORACLE OF DOORS. A special thank you to Simeon for helping me do this. It took a lot of effort on his part as well as mine.

I thought I would share with you the “card” I drew for myself from the Oracle just now (see it above).



Enchantment: “a quality that attracts and holds your attention.”

A time to plunge deeply into the sacred center of that which enchants you! You may feel hesitant to do so, lest it throw you off balance. Enchantment is for fairy tales. And yet all life is an enchantment, holding our attention – drawing us deeper and deeper into the Story.

At the core of your being there is that special enchantment – one set apart from the attentions and dramas of the day. It seeps into your bones when you sleep, quickens with the Full Moon, and brightens when you glance upon it.

If you allow it voice, expression…it will not disappoint or deceive you. The only Tricksters are your doubt and fears.


Well I must say, it is really a perfect draw for me right now. I took time out to go back into my past and create MY STORY ~ A Faire Tale, and found myself “plunging into the sacred center of that which enchanted me.” I hadn’t expected to become “enchanted” by my own reflection like Narcissus; but yes, I viewed my past self like an out-of-body experience and I was enchanted by the miracle of my life…any life actually, but I was seeing all lives through my own. A very dimensional experience!

I did have “doubts and fears” about sharing my story on such a personal level with others, but once I stepped past that fear I found people writing to me to say it inspired them to look into their own past and present more deeply.

So then I asked for a card for a Keynote encapsulating what the Kyi’Ra Portal offers to all at this time (understand that this a a broad question. Each individual would most likely draw something else, but still as an over-all Keynote it works!)


While Wikipedia and other sources totally dismiss the Rose Line as being fictional, there are many who would disagree, including my inner planes mentor, Thoth.

In this image you see the Templar Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, named after the “Rose Line,” which is in truth a pulsating telluric current in the Earth – a major ley line, which is more commonly associated with Great Britain but spans the globe. It is also associated with Mary Magdalene, with her temples and shrines often found upon the Rose Line path. It is symbolically seen to represent the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

Receiving the Door of the Rose Line means you are indeed crossing a threshold for greater insight into your spiritual heritage. You are also in a phase of learning how to use that knowledge for the good of your personal sovereignty and soul purpose.


Back to The Oracle of Doors, I hope you will find it an “enchanting” and revelatory  tool for self-reflection.

(requires subscription to Kyi’Ra Portal)



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