Thoth on the Use of Oracle Tools


The image above is for my upcoming ORACLE OF DOORS – one in a series of cyber-oracles I am creating for my Kyi’Ra Portal membership. Already within the Portal are three previous Oracles I made some years ago. With the ORACLE OF DOORS I begin my new series…all exclusive for members of The Kyi’Ra Portal

I asked my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa to enlighten us on the merit of Oracle Tools. As I know from his tutoring on the subject that they are much more than some sort of “Fortune-Telling” medium. In my article on THOTH’S Oracle of Xii Readings (the next Oracle I plan to create as a Tool) is stated that the entity Thoth created the symbolic sets from which the Tarot was eventually derived…a much watered-down version by the time it reached “known history.”

Here is what he had to say on Oracle Tools . . .

In the Time of the Master Builders (mkn: of the Sun Bow Clan – as Thoth calls them) – long before recorded history – the many monoliths were raised by the Master Builders upon the Earth. This process continued across several million years of Earth time. These structure did and most still do, serve multiple purposes, but the core than links them all is to create a powerful Matrix across the planet that is currently coming alive for this purpose – now, in the 21st Century through the re-activation of the Pyramidis Radius.

I tell you this…and it has not been revealed to your current age before. Every STONE of these structures, as they are set upon the Earth and as they touch one another to create the full structure, form a Language of Light (LL). A true language, that when attuned to in the precise manner, delivers Living Symbols into the energy being; and pictures, words and thoughts into the mind. Further, each human being who taps into this source from one particular structure, accesses them all (although there is a unique LL signature for each structure)…and every individual will receive the signs and symbols in a way that is specific to them, and their need at the time.

All the symbols of the human world that have been conjured, drawn, written down and spoken – not a one excluded – are spun from the same divine cloth as what can be retrieved and received from the Stones of LIGHT. This includes even those which have become distorted, for that very distortion is a creation from the power of ALL. “ALL” tumbles and spins to re-define its fractals and become reborn in the true Image of God. (mkn:Yes, Thoth speaks of “God” but he is referring to something far beyond our religions or comprehension.)

When an Oracle Tool is created – that is, something which has symbol-sets within a system of inquiry generally based on random selection (although one may choose the symbols they are drawn to, as well), they are tapping into the stream of the Light Language Net running through all the Master-encoded monolithic structures on the planet. This Light Net is in turn, only an interface to a greater realm of Divinity, from wince our origins are derived and through which our finest nature expresses itself. (mkn: notice that Thoth includes himself in this statement.)

The Oracles Tools are now becoming more refined, purer in symbols and interpretations, with images more attendant to the sourcing of the human soul. Eventually, through the coming technology, the Oracles will become neuro-interfaced with brain waves. This will not be accomplished through nano-technology – not invasive applications or manipulations. Instead, the human will be taught how to interface with itonic energy-generating plasma computers for this purpose. This technology will be gifted to humanity in the stage between “now” and the first level of the New Earth Numis OM. It will occur within the fully functioning Pyramidus Radius.

However, in the “right now” the Oracle Tools at hand, when interacted with on a higher level of enquiry, can aid the newly developing expanded energy bodies of individuals to more fully connect to the entire Language of Light circulating throughout the Master-Built temples.

I, ThothHorRa, am working with and through Maia Kyi’Ra on a series of New Earth Oracles for the purpose of aiding individuals to update their Light Language cognizance as their energy bodies expand and form new levels within them.

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