THOTH’s Oracle of Xii

A new development with my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa led me to create yet another format for personal insight and spiritual growth…

He shows me “oracle cards” of his creation (not the Tak-Arot but derived from it). They simply appear in my mind for the querant, their question or situation at hand. I see his “hands” as he lays down three cards for the individual. You may submit one question or simply ask for what he wishes to relate to you at this time. The reading will consist of three symbols and interpretations. No art is involved, just description and what it means for you personally. He is calling it the “Oracle of Xii” – Xii (pronounced Z-eye) is an ancient word for the Deeper Path of Knowing and is a “card” in the “deck.”

The images I see are rich and exquisite and I feel them energetically enter the person for whom I am giving the reading. So once again (as all my session types are) this is an energy transmission as well as an info session.



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