NEW EARTH Life Pulse!

I have upgraded by LIFE PULSE format, per suggested by my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa.

My introduction to each session begins . . .

Through Thoth’s merkabah I contact a presence of your soul in the New EarthStar “Numis’OM” “future.” (Understand that there really is no past or future – so I use this word in regard to our linear perspective).

Thoth has shown me how everyone in the Numis’OM first stage of the New Earth is connected through inter-dimensional morophogenetic field ( versus the term “morphogenic”) to all their incarnations-existence discrete units in a form of conscious reception. We, also are connected in this way, but usually not consciously.

I am told that a major part of the process of integrating all parts of the whole in a “human” being is now taking place on a level it could not, prior to December, 2012 and indeed actually only truly opened with the passage of the comet Ison into our solar system ( a longer story I won’t go into here).

Thus, Thoth has presented me with this new format of “Life Pulse” which is an activational attunement between the “you” now and the “you” in a presence of your soul within what Thoth is choosing to call the “New Earth Star.”




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